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Buy SmartLock On Share-it
Keep payments secure
and get SN for SmartLock immediately


Buy 1 licenses For one year

Buy one suit of SmartLock_A, obtain one serial number(SN) immediately, and then you can use the SN to register for 5 computers

Before purchasing, please download, install the software and try it out to ensure that the software functions meet your needs.

The only difference between the registered version and the trial version is that the watermarking text of the trial version cannot be modified or deleted.

Because the registration code sent to you after purchase can not be recovered, so after the sale of the software, you can not ask for a refund for any reason.



98US$ / 1 year


Buy SmartSignSafety On

Visualized Digital Signature For AutoCAD
For AutoCAD


Buy one, obtain one authorization for one person's signature to remove ' Trial ' mark beside your sign



58US$ / 1 year

For AutoCAD

Making sketch profile file(.SGP) service

After payment, please email us your signature bitmap file(s) with your PayPal payment ID, 48 hours later your SGP(signature sketch profile file) can be found in your email box.

signature bitmap must be larger than
800 * 300 pixel.

28US$ / 1 SGP

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