Visualized Digital Signature : SmartSignSafety

Part 1 Getting Start

1.1 Experience your first sample 'SmartSignSafety'

After setup, click ¡®SmartSignSafety¡¯ on AutoCAD menu, select ¡®Add a SmartSign¡¯ , or click 'Signature' on ribbon ,assign the position and the height, type ¡®888¡¯ as password, your first sample SmartSign 'Taylor' will appear successfully.

If you have downloaded this program on AUTODESK exachange App website, please click ¡¯Set Signature Profile¡¯ on menu or click 'Setting' on ribbon first.

1.2 Experience the advantage of ¡®SmartSignSafety¡¯

Draw a line or modify any entity, the SmartSign will be typed immediately.

1.3 Signature Inquiry

Click ¡®Ask SmartSign¡¯ on menu, a dialogue will show as bellow.

Part 2: Make Your Signature
2.4 Make Signature Profile

If you have not a special USB-KEY issued by SummerCAD, you can DIY by click ¡®Make Signature Profile¡¯.

When making signature profile, LWploylines are needed. LWploylines can be closed or not, but only closed LWploylines can be filled. Other AutoCAD entities likes LINE, ARC, SPLINE are not accepted.

Attention please, when your name asked, input your name as it appears in Digital ID (certificate). If you will not use certificate when signing, any name, input here will be not important.

Digital IDs are electronic documents that prove your identity in electronic transaction, and are required for digital signatures. The digital ID is included with the signature to identify the signer. Digital IDs are issued by authorized organization, for example,

Mention 1:

Please keep your SGP file safe. Anyone cannot acquire your SGP file in AutoCAD drawing files with your SmartSign.

First, SmartSign Entity cannot be object snapped in AutoCAD, so no one cant trace out the same profile exactly.

Second, SmartSign Entity cannot be output as standard AutoCAD entity.

Third, even exporting SmartSign Entity to WMF file, DWF file or PLT file, no same SGP can be made for accuracy reason.

Forth, SGP file is encrypted by 1024 bits key in drawing files.


Mention 2:

If profile filled, any nested polyline must be treated as below, otherwise sketch filled like below will not meet your idea.

Method 1. Using a gap to avoid two closed polylines nested.

Method 2. Changing two nested closed polylines into two closed polylines but not nested.


Mention 3: How to remove ' Trial ' mark beside your sign?

1. Buy ,obtain your SN(SerialNumber)

2. download SGP_Register_SN2.exe and run it.

3. On 'SGP_Register_SN2.exe' select your .SGP file, paste into SN, press 'Register'.

4. OK

Methods of handwriting sketch:

1.      Use a scanner to output a bitmap file of your handwriting sketch signing, and then use a vectorize software changing bitmap to polyline.

2.      Use command SKETCH in AutoCAD. Please execute AutoCAD command SKPOLY and input 1 in advance.

PART 3 Advantages

3.1 The purpose of signature

First, look at the signature by a traditional pen on paper, and your purpose is nothing more than ¡°Trust¡± and ¡°Responsibility ¡±. As your signature is accepted, the content of the document paper has been accepted too, and you have the responsibility for the content.

¡¤                    A service that provides a proof of the integrity and origin of data.

¡¤                    An authentication that can be asserted to be genuine with high assurance.

Digital Signature is the same as the properties of tamper-proofing, anti-clone and non-repudiation of disputed charges.

¡¤                    Tamper-proofing: using digital signature can help you to identify the documents are original, and not unauthorized modified.

¡¤                    Anti-clone: you digital signature is not like a bitmap, and it cannot be copied. The digital signature is a string encrypted using Pubic Key Infrastructure, and it¡¯s composed by your certificate, and document contents. Access to the public key does not enable a fraudulent party to fake a valid signature.

¡¤                    Non-repudiation: an entity that has signed some information cannot later deny having signed it.

Notice: Digital Signature is not the scanning bitmap of a handwriting signature, is not also a bitmap vectorized.

3.2 Advantages of SmartSignSafety

l         With the properties of tamper-proofing, anti-clone and non-repudiation

l         Smart. In case of modification of the drawing, the signature disappears immediately.

l         Visualization. Like the traditional handwriting signature, it can be displayed and plotted.


4.1 The environment required

SmartSignSafety supports Windows Xp, Win 7 and Win8.

On 32 bits system, supports AutoCAD 2004¡ª2014 32bits;

On 64 bits system, supports AutoCAD 2010¡ª2014 64bits.

4.2 SmartSignSafety menu

4.3 Preconditions for SmartSignSafety

It must have a SGP file in USB-KEY or on a drive.

SGP file is signature sketching profile. There are some sample SGP files in program folder.

C:\Program Files\ SmartSignSafety£º

Taylor.sgp                         Taylor¡¯s signature

sketch-gj.sgp                    GuoJin¡¯s signature

sketch-hr.sgp                   HuangRong¡¯s signature

sketch-wxz.sgp                WXZ¡¯s signature

sketch-gongzhang.sgp     A sample stamp

Click ¡¯Set Signature Profile¡¯ on menu or click 'Setting' on ribbon to use.

(If you have downloaded this program on AUTODESK exachange App website, the setup package is not same as the one on, then the location is different. Maybe:

  • drive>:\ProgramData\Autodesk\ApplicationPlugins\SmartSignSafety.bundle\Contents\Arx

If it's difficult to find smaple SGP files to use as 'Setting', please download another setup file on This version on supports more versions of AutoCAD 2004-2014 and more useful setting automatically. )

PART 5 Important Notices

Only entities below are under supervision.

AcDbLine, AcDbCircle, AcDbArc, AcDbPolyline, AcDb2dPolyline, AcDbSpline, AcDb3dPolyline, AcDbPolygonMesh, AcDbEllipse, AcDbText, AcDbMText, AcDbLeader, AcDbRotatedDimension, AcDbOrdinateDimension, AcDbAlignedDimension, AcDbRadialDimension, AcDb2LineAngularDimension, AcDbDiametricDimension, AcDb3PointAngularDimension, AcDbPoint, AcDb3dSolid, AcDbBody, AcDbRegion, AcDbFace, AcDbSolid, AcDbTrace, AcDbXline, AcDbRay, AcDbMline, AcDbHatch, AcDbMInsertBlock, AcDbBlockReference, AcDbAttributeDefinition, ACAD_TABLE¡£

The contents under supervision are points coordinators, size and texts in above entities. Other entity properties like color, layer, dimstyle, plotstyle, textstyle etc. are not supervised.

WIPEOUT and OLE from WORD, EXCEL are not supervised too.

In case of any customer entity by the 3rd party ,the software are not supervised.